Specialist art photography for artists, galleries and collectors

Capture your artwork with accurate colours, depth and texture without glare or stray light at affordable prices.

As an artist it is crucial to have good, print ready, high quality images of your work for marketing & press and as a record for yourself or for digital preservation.

As a collector images of the works you hold are important for inventory and insurance purposes and to aid you in sharing works with institutions and individuals.

Photographer Alex Efimoff 

With over 10 year experience Alex has been working with artists, galleries and museums to perfect the production of high resolution images of artwork suitable for use on websites, social media, email, magazine articles, ads or prints. The images are colour corrected with even lighting across the entire surface. 

Alex has made it his mission to research and source the latest digital technology and professional equipment for accurate reproduction of artworks. This results in a superior result which standard photographic processes suited to capturing weddings and social events can’t begin to match. 

Advanced photographic methods lets your artwork ‘be itself’ so it can make an authentic introduction to your fans & buyers. 

Alex through his family connections to practicing artists came to realise first hand the limitations and disappointment of photographic services available and made it his mission to provide a service tailored to artists, collectors and galleries at an affordable price. 

Contact Photographer Alex Efimoff to discuss your specific art photography requirements. Alex operates out of both Wellington and Auckland with other locations on request.


I can’t recommend Alex’s work highly enough.
My paintings are really tricky to photograph because they have so many surfaces which can catch and bounce light. 
I’ve had so much trouble over the years getting images that show the pigment colours accurately, and don’t have light bouncing off the textured surface.
He’s the first person who’s managed to find a solution without a whole lot of post production ‘fixing’. I think this is because he’s a perfectionist in the best sense. Not fussy, just passionate about his work, with really great attention to detail and accuracy.
He’s an excellent problem solver and pretty much a magician with light.
On top of his technical skill, he’s lovely to work with – really warm, focused, efficient, professional and creative.
If you’re looking for an excellent photographer, don’t think twice – I feel so lucky to have found him! 🙂
Jack Trolove, Artist – www.JackTrolove.com

Technical side

Specialised oil painting reproduction for artists, galleries and collectors. Artwork beautifully reproduced with no glare & accurate colour at affordable price

File formats & sizes

  • High-resolution JPEG image. 36 megapixel image, sRGB jpg 100%.
  • High-resolution TIFF image. 36 megapixel image, Adobe1998 TIFF (optional).
  • Web-friendly size. 2000px long side, sRGB jpg 50%.
  • Custom format available: i.e. 300ppi Adobe1998 RGB TIFF.
  • Files provided by DropBox/GoogleDrive or USB drive.